MMA Betting Online

Mixed Martial Arts is a fast-paced sport where even the longshot underdog still has a chance in the last minute of the last round. That’s one reason why betting on MMA online has become so popular. In a sport where the fighter’s self-promotion is key, sometimes the odds makers can get caught believing the hype and leave educated bettors with golden opportunities.

Whether you’re a casual MMA fan or an experienced MMA analyst, is a guide created to add to your immersion inside the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here, we will provide the details you need to support your fight predictions and find information on understanding the details in legally placing sports bets online. We also have Joe, a MMA fighter on our staff who is very knowledgeable about the sport. So we can offer insight into betting on MMA fights from a very unique perspective.

Top Rated MMA/UFC Betting Sites

Approved BadgeBelow are some of the most reputable sportsbooks in the industry that offer MMA sports betting. You can find any big fight in any of the major MMA organizations and make bets on winners, what round it will end in, and whether it will end by submission or KO. These sportsbooks have also been carefully inspected and have been found to not only be subject to regulatory oversight by their respective governing jurisdictions, but to also have the appropriate licensing and compliance certifications for online sports betting.

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What You Need To Know About Betting MMA Fights Online

MMA Betting Sites

This is where you will find a more in-depth look at the sportsbooks that we have considered to the best in the industry and that are properly licensed and regulated by the appropriate sanctioning bodies.  We have compiled comprehensive reviews of each of the brands we recommend.

MMA Betting Tips

This is where you can find the information you need to help you understand how to calculate MMA odds and where you gain access to the inside information that will allow you to make smart and timely predictions.

MMA Betting Odds

This page shows the current MMA betting odds for all upcoming UFC and Bellator major events.

MMA Fighters

This is where to go for more specific information about fighters and their training camps. This will include some background information and some insight into the fighting style of these high-level athletes so you can better make your predictions.

MMA Betting FAQs

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How will I receive my payout in the United States?
Am I required to pay taxes on my MMA sports betting winnings?
Why does a fighter need to combine so many martial arts to be successful in MMA?
What are the main martial arts in Mixed Martial Arts?
Outside of the UFC, are there any other companies that promote MMA?